Saturday, May 10, 2008

To Dance or Not To Dance - In Ballet Or Pointe Shoes

Students often used to inquire me "should I prosecute dance as a career?" My first idea was always - "if you can dwell without dance, make something else. If you can't, then prosecute it".

Sometimes Dance just doesn't allow go! It may not be the practical pick for you. Yet it just doesn't travel away.

If you're young, I would state dance now, because it is a physical preparation that demands to be done while you're young. Especially ballet. That doesn't intend fail high school or anything, but I cognize that classes can be re-created at a community college, and an academic calling can result from there. However, the physical ability that a little individual have is not there later.

What is your existent goal? It is good to take clip and define your goals.

***To measure up for a 4 twelvemonth dance section university that could take to a professional public presentation career?

***To "run away and fall in the dance circus"? Talk to your teacher, or your parent, state person you can confide in, that you are having a difficult clip life without dance. Maybe you can take a social class or two a hebdomad in your last twelvemonth of high school and still acquire just grades. Maybe you can schedule it into an instruction grade if you are in college.

Defining ends is not easy - grownups have got problem with it all the time. Try to ascertain what your true physical capacity is. Dance is a Muse and makes not just travel away. I cognize that sounds a small spooky, but that is a fact.

Like, if you cognize anyone who is studying violoncello or piano, for a calling with a classical orchestra - it's the same thing. There is no balance, as balance is usually defined in our civilization ("some of this and some of that") That sounds chilling to some people. But it just is that manner with the arts.

I trust this doesn't sound too abstract - it's just that dance is one of the psyche degree "spirits" that phone calls some of us. It may take you in any way - it's hard to ignore. It will do day...just research all your options.

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